First call of Era-Net ICRAD

(International coordination of research on infectious diseases) has been a success with funding 19 Transnational Collaborative Research Projects, including partners from 20 different countries

Acronym Title Coordinator Countries
NucNanoFish Nucleic NanoVaccines for Fish Dr Bernard Verrier Belgium, France, Norway, United Kingdom
Bruce-GenoProt A comprehensive proteogenomic analysis of Brucella to understand the epidemiology, biology, virulence mechanisms, and host-pathogen interaction Dr Gamal Wareth Germany, Greece, Turkey
Plants4Nemavax Plant-based production of glyco-engineered nematode vaccines Prof Dr Peter Geldhof Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom
ASFVInt Decoding a virus Achilles heel: the African swine fever virus interactome Dr Marie-Frédérique Le Potier France, Estonia, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
NEOVACC Novel strategies to enhance vaccine immunity in neonatal livestock Prof Dr Simon Graham United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
RODENTGATE Future Rodent Management For Pıg And Poultry Health Prof Dr Herwig Leirs Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom
CAE-RAPID Development of a rapid screening test for on-site serological diagnostics of caprine arthritis-encephalitis using individual milk samples Dr Michał Czopowicz Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland
TechPEPCon Use of frontline technologies to screen pathogens, environment and pigs for a better disease control in swine herds Prof Dr Hans Nauwynck Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland
FluNuance Virulent Non-Notifiable Avian Influenza; Determinants of virulence of emerging viruses Prof Dr Sjaak de Wit Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, United Kingdom
TCWDE Tackling chronic wasting disease in Europe Dr Fiona Houston United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden
PREVENTER Deciphering the role of influenza D virus in bovine and human respiratory diseases in Europe Dr Mariette Ducatez France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Turkey
MUSECoV Multi-scale Eco-evolution of Coronaviruses: from surveillance toward emergence prediction Prof Dr Sophie le Poder France, Italy, Spain, Poland
FMDV_PersIstOmics From proteogenomic host response signatures of persistent foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) infection to diagnostic markers and therapeutic control Dr Sandra Blaise-Boisseau France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Turkey
ASF-RASH African Swine Fever pathogenesis and immune responses in Resistant And Susceptible Hosts Dr Sandra Blome Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland
BM-FARM Biomarkers and Microbiome in Farms for Antimicrobial Resistance Management Dr Edgar Garcia Manzanilla Ireland, France, Spain
PIGIE Understanding the dynamics and evolution of swine influenza viruses in Europe: relevance for improved intervention and sustainable pig production Dr. Gaëlle Simon France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
Biosens4PrecisionMastitis Channel-based biosensors to support a precision agriculture approach for improved bovine mastitis management Prof Dr Beatriz Prieto Simón Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Poland
ConVErgence Assessing swine as potential hosts for emerging Coronaviruses Dr Paola De Benedictis Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom
IFNASF Characterization of virus- and host-specific modulation of type I IFN in African Swine Fever Virus virulence or attenuation Dr Yolanda Revilla Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden