Pre-Announcement of a co-funded Call for Transnational Collaborative Research Projects:

“International Coordination of Research on Infectious Animal Diseases (ICRAD)”

The ERA-NET Cofund International Coordination of Research on Infectious Animal Diseases (ICRAD) is a new ERA-Net Cofund Action under Horizon 2020 that will build upon the achievements of the ERA-NET EMIDA (Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of Animals) and the ERA-NET ANIHWA (Animal Health and Welfare).

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European landscape of partnerships in veterinary research

The presentation shall neither be binding nor construed as constituting commitment by the European Commission

Courtesy of Jean-Charles Cavitte

  • SCAR = Standing Committee on Agri. Research
  • CWG = collaborative working group
  • AHW = animal health and welfare
  • SAP = sustainable animal production
  • AH – AP = animal health – animal production
  • AMR = anti-microbial resistance
  • ETPGAH = European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health
  • FBZ = fodd-borne zoonoses
  • P2P = public to public partnership
  • PPP = public-private partnership
  • OFFLU = global network of expertise on animal influenza
  • GFRA = Global FMD Research Alliance
  • GARA = Global ASF Research Alliance